Meet the Rettigs

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Hello, and thank you so much for stopping by to meet us!

We're the Rettigs -- forever newlyweds, wine lovers, and football fanatics. We met in 2015, got engaged at Disney World in 2017, and were married on Cinco de Mayo 2018. We have two  sons, and they are our entire world. Brayden is our teenager, and he keeps us insanely busy. As if trying to keep up with him was enough, we added another wild man, Callan, to the mix in March of 2021! He brings more smiles and giggles than  we know what to do with! As a family, we love a good adventure, and we love to travel. Fun fact: On the way home for each of our trips, we begin brainstorming our next adventure. (It's Brittany's way of coping with getting back to the "real world.")

As you navigate our website, blog, and social media, you will quickly learn that Brittany (that's me!) is the voice of Rettig Co. Grant can work up a catchy jingle in seconds and write the sweetest poem in minutes, but he leaves all the "talking" to me. I can't imagine why! ;) So, let me tell you a bit about myself and a bit about my incredibly awesome, creative, and talented hubby.

About Brittany: I am a small-town girl, raised on sweet tea and tomato gravy (don't knock it 'til you try it). I am obsessed with all things Disney, a sucker for lounging on the beach with a good book, and love going to UVA football and basketball games. I'm a bit of a sap, and Grant will probably tell you that for every emotion I feel, I cry. I am the happiest when I am surrounded by family and friends. I truly believe that you should never take a single second of this beautiful life for granted, and I love the fact that photos and videos help preserve times in our lives that we can share with generations to come.

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About Grant: Grant grew up in Ohio, so naturally, he was a big Ohio State fan. (I'll be honest -- I'm a little jealous of his football team's record compared to my team's record.) He loves California, birdwatching, and Star Wars. He is really good at surprises, and he always has something up his sleeve. Those wild ideas often turn into some sort of an adventure, and that's exactly how we ended up as Rettig Co. Photo & Films. His wild and creative ideas have morphed into a business that is something that truly completes us!

Rettig Co. Photo & Films was formerly known as Grant Rettig Photography. Grant initially started Grant Rettig Photography to pursue his love for photography that dated back to his childhood days when he would borrow his parents' Pentax film camera. His passion for photography began with nature photography, and that passion has multiplied tenfold since then. After being a second shooter for weddings, Grant quickly realized that wedding photography was his true passion. He loves being able to spend a day capturing all of the details and compiling those details into photos and videos to last a lifetime. After Grant and Brittany got married, they felt an entirely new connection to capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments. Grant's photography passion had been rubbing off on Brittany throughout their years of dating and being engaged, so she had picked up some photography skills along the way. When Grant decided to pursue videography in addition to photography, Brittany began to take on more of a lead role on the photography side. She had been second shooting for Grant on several occasions, so this was a smooth transition. Now, as husband and wife, Brittany and Grant offer photography and videography services together, and therefore, decided to start Rettig Co. Photo & Films. Brittany and Grant partner with various other photographers and videographers, and therefore have the ability to bring in a second shooter for photo and video should you hire Rettig Co. for all of your wedding and other event needs!

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