This blog post has been a long time comin' for my brother, Tyler, and my future sister-in-law, Brandi! You see, the original plan was to do a summer engagement shoot in North Myrtle Beach and then a fall engagement shoot a few months later at their wedding venue, The Inn at Forest Oaks. In case you weren't aware, let me share a fun little fact about my brother. He hates photos. Literally despises them. So naturally, he was dreading the thought of having two engagement sessions. Turns out, Brandi decided not to do the fall session because we managed to squeeze in two session at the beach -- an evening session and a sunrise session.  (After y'all see these dreamy sunrise beach pictures, you'll see that a fall session was totally not needed.) 

All that to say, the fall and then the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I managed to let time get away from me, and I never went back and shared their summer engagement session on the blog (even though their gallery was picked up by several publishers already!). So here we are! In just two weeks, we'll be getting ready for Brandi and Tyler's rehearsal. I honestly can't believe their big day will be here so soon! This marriage is something that our families have hoped for and prayed about for many years. We are thrilled that the time has come for them to vow to forever!  

We look forward to sharing Brandi's bridal portrait session and of course the BIG DAY on the blog soon! July 13th is getting closer and closer....eekkkkk!!!

We love you two so much!

Britty and Flower McGee ;) 

One of my favorites from the session is below! The sky and water barely seemed real! 

True and hilarious story on the photos below...

We got up so early worried that we would miss the sunrise that we were on the beach in the pitch dark at first. The trash trucks were still out cleaning up. BUT the best part about it all was getting some incredible silhouette shots just as the sun was beginning rise.   

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