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The Hubbard Family | Family Session in Waynesboro, VA

It is always a good time whenever we get together with the Hubbard Family, but this time was extra fun AND extra special! Wendy just celebrated her birthday, as a part of that, her husband and daughters planned a surprise family session for her! If you know Wendy, you know that keeping a secret from her is next to impossible. She is always “in the know,” and she probably asks as many questions as her students do (haha!), but her family still managed to pull it off! And, we are so glad they did! She finally realized what was happening as they arrived at the photoshoot location. It was so much fun being a part of this surprise!

The birthday surprise is what made it special. The family (particularly the girls) made it tons of fun! There is never a dull moment with this crew! From dancing on rocks to hair flips, and from model-inspired moves to seeing if the pup could swim, we had a blast! We laughed until we cried, chatted about life, and enjoyed our time together. There was a moment during the shoot when Grant said, “Todd, I don’t envy you one bit!” He might have his hands full with all of his girls, but all of their hearts of certainly full of joy and love, especially for each other! The Hubbards (AKA the Hubbs) are one of our favorites, and we are so lucky to be able to capture their special times!

We are already looking forward to the next time!

We love y’all!

Britt & Grant

P.S. We love when families make it a priority to update their family photos! You’ll never get these moments back, so be sure to capture them while you can!

We love the Hubbs! How precious are they?!

These girls are just too beautiful! 

And we can't leave out this little guy! He always joins the family sessions and is such a trooper! Our last session was freezing cold (on Christmas Eve), and this session was insanely hot, so he had to go for a dip!  

The beautiful birthday girl! So glad we were able to be a small part of your BIG celebration!

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